Saturday April 16, 9:00 a.m. through Sunday April 17, 4:00 p.m. -- 31 straight hours
Campanelli Stadium -- Brockton, MA

Team Marciano 88, Team Hagler 79

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The Inaugural 2004 Game

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TWENTY-ONE players played in all 100 innings of the 100 Innings of Baseball Spectacular. By the time this game was completed, these players had played more ball in this game than the Boston Red Sox had played the entire season.

Courtesy of Reebok, one of our gracious sponsors, each of these players took home a brand new pair of Reebok Cleats:

Reebok RBK


  • Matt Giblin, Boston White Sox
  • Mike Lembo, Boston White Sox - Co-creator
  • Jeff Roy, Astros
  • Brett Rudy, Boston White Sox - Co-creator
  • Tyler Walsh, Astros


  • Eric August, alumni Braves/Pirates
  • Mike Byrne, Worcester Giants
  • Mark Doucette, Reds
  • Matt Dumas, free agent
  • Dan Field, Boston Senators
  • Pedro Gil, Athletics
  • Ryan Gray, Boston White Sox
  • Dan Haferman, Quincy Sons of Italy
  • Jon Mattaroccia, free agent
  • Santi Mazzeo, Athletics
  • Nate Pane, Boston White Sox
  • Michael Pollack, T's Pub Dodgers
  • Bill Powell, Wayland White Sox
  • Dave Timmons, Boston Senators
  • Mike Waldron, Medford Mets
  • Mike Whatley, Somerville Senators

SPECIAL MENTION (folks who fell less than 2 hours short)

  • Kevin Beliveau, T's Pub Dodgers (had to feed the cat)
  • Eddie Perez, Athletics (woke up a little late)
  • Ron Viola, Astros (girlfriend run to the airport)