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This year, 123 players signed up to participate in the 100 Innings of Baseball. The majority of them played, and those who didn't helped raise funds for the ALS Association MA Chapter and Curt's Pitch for ALS.

Thank you for your contributions!

Adams, Peter
Anderson, Paul (Medford Angels)
Austin, Robert (Stockyard)
Avery, Larry
Beals, Forrest (Randolph Blues)
Belcastro, Jim (Boston Tigers)
Beliveau, Kevin (Dodgers)
Bell, Kevin (Orioles)
Bere, Ryan (Boston Orioles)
Berolini, Joe (Brockton A'S)
Bertels, Matthew
Bondola, Nick (Indians)
Branche, Paul (Quincy Grays)
Brennan, Kevin (Boston Marlins)
Brinkmeyer, Justin (Mariners)
Brophy, Michael (Braintree Rockies)
Bucciarelli, Anthony (Boston Spinners)
Busby, Steven
Byrne, Mike (Boston Astros)
Campos, Ivan (Orioles)
Caprio, Christopher (Rangers)
Chasse, Matthew (Spinners)
Chlan, Emily
Coffin, Jake
Conner, Chad (Spinners)
Copson, Paul (Boston Tigers)
Cram, Dennis
Day, Michael (Medford Angels)
Delossantos, Wilson (Padres)
Devine, Owen (Astros)
Dicker, Steven (Clinton 76'Ers)
DiPaola, Thom (Rismbl-Braves Over 45 Division)
Dumas, Matthew (Quincy Grays)
Edgar, Cory (Astros)
Englander, Matt (Mariners)
Fialkow, Aaron (Orioles)
Field, Dan (Boston Tigers)
Frattura, Sandro (Boston Braves)
Gallivan, Gregory (Worcester Tornadoes)
Giblin, Matt (Boston Tigers)
Gil, Pedro (Athletics)
Griffiths, Chad (Boston Tigers)
Guerin, Gary (Boston Townies)
Haferman, Daniel (Quincy Sons of Italy)
Hall, Brad (Boston Orioles)
Hanley, Tom (Milford FPA)
Hare, Stephen (Braves)
Healey, Bryan (Boston Orioles)
Helms, Mike
Hill, Darian
Holmes, Eric (Franklin Athletics)
Houlding, Brian (Boston Tigers)
Kieffer, Luke (Boston Orioles)
Krueger, Kevin (Rangers)
Kulbako, Glenn (Medford Angels)
Lembo, Michael (Boston White Sox)
Levensaler, Dana (Waltham Red Sox)
Lewton, Brian
Logan, James
Long, Patrick (Boston Tigers)
LoPresti, Matthew (Boston White Sox)
Lynch, Mark
Maccarone, Dave
Magee, Sean (Reds)
Magsam, Steven (Orioles)
Martin, David (White Sox)
Mattarocchia, Jonathan
Maycock, Stephen (Grays)
Mehlman, Ross
Mejia, Carlos (Reds)
Mesa, Darwin (Padres)
Milton, Glenn
Moloney, Mike (Spinners)
Murachver, Andy (Boston Orioles)
Murphy, Earl (Boston Tigers)
Najera, Matthias (Braves)
Nakamura, Akihiko (South End Astros)
Neil, Michael (Cambridge Spinners)
Nolan, Brian (Boston Braves)
Nowlin, Brett (Boston Reds)
Padovano, Peter (Mccabb Club)
Palumbo, John (Lexington Astros)
Paquette, Conrad (Middlesex Brewers)
Peckham, Christopher
Perez, Eduardo (Athletics)
Peterson, Brian (Boston Braves)
Petraglia, Mike
Pina, Daryl (Indians)
Pollak, Michael (Dodgers)
Powell, Bill (Billerica Indians)
Powers, Eric
Renda, Jason
Riordan, Eric (Tigers)
Rolls, Will (Vipers)
Rosoff, Larry (Marlborough Indians)
Rothwell, Justin (Boston Indians)
Roy, Jeff (Boston Astros)
Rudy, Brett (Middlesex Brewers)
Schreiner, Matthew
Silk, John (Boston Tigers)
Sisson, Neil (Medford Angels)
Staino, Dan
Stevens, Bernie (Boston Rangers)
Stevens, Scott (Tigers)
Stewart, Brandon
Strassman, Franz (South Boston Saints)
Thaxter, Kenneth (Quincy Grays)
Thomas, Jay (Boston Orioles)
Timmons, Dave (Boston Senators)
Tremblay, Mark (North Reading Vipers)
Valdini, Robert (Port Washington Knights)
Vernon, Joshua (Astros)
Viola, Ronald (Astros)
Walsh, Joe (Boston Marlins)
Walsh, Tyler (Astros)
Ward, Russ (Somerville Senators)
Washer, Jonathan
Webster, David (Grays)
West, Justin (Tigers)
Winant, Richard (Billerica Storm)
Wisner, Jay (Rangers)
Wolf, Steve (Wayland White Sox)
Woods, David (Mariners)