There are more than 80 amateur adult baseball leagues with more than 700 teams scattered across New England. Leagues offer a broad range of competitiveness, from weekend warrior to aspiring professional. Some leagues have short and condensed schedules over the summer, while others are spread from spring to fall. Some consist of young men just starting out life on their own, while others cater to the seasoned gentleman with families of their own. The one thing they all have in common is that they are filled with athletes continuing to live the dream of playing baseball as long as they can. Provided are your 2012 league champions from Maine. For the full New England listing, please grab the November issue of New England Baseball Journal.

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League Team(s)
Southern Maine Men's Baseball League Marlins (Age 25+ AL division)
Dodgers (Age 25+ NL division)
Tigers (Age 35+ division)
Twilight Baseball League Yankee Ford