Admittedly, Opie Otterstad has no New England ties beyond his particular fondness for the Red Sox and the city of Boston. Opie has worked for both the Patriots and the Red Sox and has developed a particular relationship with the Sox. The Sox seem to have continual ties to his home state of Texas, dating back to the 1912 and 1915 World Series led by the great Tristram Speaker of Hubbard, TX, as Opie's only son is named after Tristram, the first Hall of Famer from Texas. Opie created the two official celebration paintings for MLB following the 2004 and 2007 victories with two sold out shows at Newbury Fine Arts Gallery in Boston. In fact, Opie spends a couple of weeks a year in Boston during the season.


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Otterstad, Opie

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Opie Otterstad
The Art Studio of Opie Otterstad

Artwork sampling:

The Beginning of the End, Opie Otterstad
The 2004 Boston Red Sox
"The Beginning of the End"
Ted Williams painting
Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox
"Ted Williams on Deck"
Thru the Crowd, Opie Otterstad
David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox Walkoff
"Thru The Crowd"
True Red Sox, painting, Opie Otterstad
Curt Schilling of the Boston Red Sox
"True Red Sock"
Boston Champs, Opie Otterstad
The 2004 Boston Red Sox
"Boston Champs"