(Arlington High School)
Arlington, MA

Home of the
Arlington Cardinals

From Boston (8.5 miles):

1. Take Rt-93 North 3.5 miles to Exit 31 (RT-16/MYSTIC VALLEY PKWY) toward ARLINGTON

2. Head West on Rt-16/MYSTIC VALLEY PKWY for a little under 2 miles

3. Turn RIGHT onto BOSTON AVE and proceed 1/2 mile

4. Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto MA-60/HIGH ST. and go 1/4 mile

5. Go through rotary and stay on Rt-60 West

6. Turn right onto Mass Ave and proceed to Arlington High School

From Rt-95:

1. Take Rt-95 to Exit 31B (225/BEDFORD ST/MA-4) toward Lexington

2. This is also Mass Ave.

3. Follow Mass Ave through Lexington and keep on going

4. Mass Ave eventually heads into Arlington. Proceed to Arlington High School