(aka: East Boston Stadium)
East Boston, MA

East Boston, Sartori Stadium, EB Stadium

East Boston, Sartori Stadium, EB Stadium

Drive it:

Though East Boston field is toward the Airport and Route 1A, you must take the LOCAL exit off the tunnel or you will be at the airport and driving in circles.

1. From Boston and Route 93, take Exit 24 to go thru the Calahan Tunnel towards Airport (Rt 1A) -- you do NOT pay a toll.

2. Exit the tunnel in the right lane and take an immediate right at the "Local Exit."

3. At Santarpio's, go straight onto Porter Street (It's actually a left and real quick right).

4. Go over the bridge and take a left at lights (looks like a run down area). The park will be on your right.

East Boston Field Map

Take theT � Blue Line to "Airport". The field is immediately outside the T exit.