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Monday April 20, 1998





Boston Sox: Fun Stuff

Those fans with a lot of downtime will enjoy this week's fansite. Brett Rudy has put together a collection of amusing "time wasters" that beat watching Andy Griffith re-runs during rain delays.

Among the thirteen selections, Rudy offers a complete run-down of several baseball-themed music collections on the market. A few of the songs are even available through RealPlayer. For those of you who love to reach back to those innocent days of youth, check out the Wiffle Ball section, which includes an overview of the history of the much under-appreciated sport.

Ever wonder where the term "Mendoza line" comes from? Have you been searching for a copy of Abbott and Costello's legendary "Who's on First" routine? This page will satisfy your curiosities and keep you entertained. If you're tired of sitting through Opie and Barney's many numerous adventures, check this site out and chase away those rain delay blahs.

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